Dr Sam Parrett OBE, CEO and Group Principal, London & South East Education Group

2020/21 has been an extraordinary year for many reasons - not least with FE and skills getting top billing in today’s Queen’s Speech.

Systems leadership is all about spotting the right people in your school to share their wisdom and best practice, regardless of job title. And it can lead to dramatic improvements, says Neil Miller

Every school leader should be focused on improvement, whether that’s taking a school from “inadequate” to “good”, or “good” to “outstanding”, or anything in between.

A new curriculum and some central funding are welcome, but it’s local action that will ensure all children benefit from music education, writes Madelaine Caplin.

- A message from Dr Sam Parrett OBE, CEO, London & South East Education Group 

As an education group, we are committed to ensuring all our students and pupils feel safe and indeed are safe across each of our settings. 

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